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Thirsk Buildings Audit

During 2003, NECT was commissioned by Thirsk Regeneration Initiative to undertake an audit of buildings within the market place to help identify opportunities for environmental improvement and economic development.

row of houses in Thirsk

The aim of the exercise was to reconcile the commercial demands of a thriving market town with the inherent characteristics that make it special. Thirsk’s historic market place with its winding streets, yards and alleyways has the aura of a place in reasonable fettle, cared-for, with only isolated pockets of quiet decay. This impression could engender complacency about its welfare – a risk in itself – but a closer look revealed a quarter of the commercial premises in the central area were under-used, vacant or derelict, many in historic buildings that are an integral asset to its character and economy. A sample building was taken from the study area and investigated in further detail to show how modest investment in the property would result in commercial gain for the town and encourage others to follow suit. The study also identified other funding opportunities that were available at the time.

historic image of market place at thirsk