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Keelmen's Hospital, City Road, Newcastle upon Tyne: options for the re-use of a listed building

The Keelmen’s Hospital, built in 1701, is listed grade II*, and on Historic England's Heritage At Risk register. It is vulnerable both to decay and vandalism. The building has significance at various levels: its reinvention of a monastic cloister, its role in the city’s maritime merchant life, its association through the Keelmen in song and folk history, its social history role as almshouses, its national association with the Wesleys and early Methodism. Its exterior remains highly distinctive but its interior has suffered much. The grounds and courtyard are unkempt and overgrown, the once healthy vegetable plots long suffocated. The interior shows all the signs of institutional sanitisation, now largely devoid of character and soul. Once a home of hospitality, it now is unloved. We are hoping to turn the fortunes of this building around and bring it once again into the heart of the City.
Working in partnership with the Wesley Hotel and the Orphan House Trustees and with a small grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we hope to be able to find a new use for this ancient but highly significant building, have a greater understanding of its significance and the role it played in the history of the city, define a potential re-use and strengthen partnerships.
We hope to be able to develop the proposals further to restore the buildings, publish historical information uncovered about the hospital, the Methodists, the Keelmen, and ultimately remove the site from the "At Risk" Register.

keelmen's hospital building from City Road

funder logoFollowing on from the initial study carried out by the Trust, a grant from the Architectural Heritage Fund and ongoing support from the project partners has allowed us to explore in more detail the options for the building,