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NECT is one of the members of the European Federation for Architectural Heritage Skills – Fédération Européenne pour les Métiers du Patrimoine bâti (“FEMP”), established and hosted by Centre des métiers du patrimoine "la Paix-Dieu” - The Institut du Patrimoine Wallon and its Heritage Skills Centre in Belgium. FEMP was established as a Belgian registered international non-profit organisation in 2012 to ‘reflect the perspectives and ensure continuity of the earlier initiatives by the Council of Europe and its European network on heritage skills to encourage the transmission of skills.’ Through FEMP, the aim of its partners is to support and develop traditional know-how and skills involved in heritage crafts and professions across Europe and in representation to the EU and Council of Europe. NECT’s participation builds on its Heritage Skills Initiative, which received a Europa Nostra award, and NECT’s national European activities. Full details of the aims, statute and members can be found on the website link below: